Boost your community

Tinkerbot is the ultimate discord bot for Solana NFT project. Now you can rewards your community members with currencies or SPL token through suites of features like digital storefront, automated roles assignment, Chat2Earn system, NFT quest, and more. All inside your discord server.


With TinkerBot, we aim to empower NFT creators and DAO with a suite of features with blockchain integration that can boost discord community growth and engagement.

Want to see how TinkerBot can take your discord to a whole new level?


SolTinker NFT will be your access pass to TinkerBot ecosystem where holders will get benefits as our product adoption grows.

The PFP art of SolTinker project is something we takes pride in. Each trait is complementary to whole idea of SolTinker as scientists, innovators, and builders.

Merging both pop culture references, Japanese manga and sci-fi visuals in 220+ hand drawn traits has brought the collection to life.